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Griggsville-Perry Primary School

Elementary School (K/PK-8)

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Essential: Ambitious Instruction – low response/not applicable


Performance on Ambitious Instruction

In schools with strong Ambitious Instruction, classes are challenging and engaging. The instruction is clear, well-structured, and encourages students to build and apply knowledge. When combined with a supportive environment, Ambitious Instruction has the most direct effect on student learning. It is:

  • well-defined with clear expectations for student success,
  • interactive and encourages students to build and apply knowledge,
  • well-paced (not measured), and
  • aligned across grades (not measured).

Griggsville-Perry Primary School Comparative Performance on Ambitious Instruction

Least Implementation
Less Implementation
Average Implementation
More Implementation
Most Implementation

What are these results based on?

This school's performance on this Essential is based on the Measures shown below. Click the to learn more about its underlying concepts (measures) and their related survey questions.

Measure Respondent Measure Performance
Course Clarity Students are provided clear learning goals and instruction that supports achievement. Student Performance on Course Clarity Low Response/Not Applicable
English Instruction Students interact with course material and one another to build and apply critical reading and writing skills. Student Performance on English Instruction Low Response/Not Applicable
Math Instruction Students interact with course material and one another to build and apply knowledge in their math classes. Student Performance on Math Instruction Low Response/Not Applicable
Quality of Student Discussion Students participate in classroom discussions that build their critical thinking skills. Teacher Performance on Quality of Student Discussion Low Response/Not Applicable